Ian Rose is a designer focused on editorial design & front-end architecture living in New York City.


Email ian@ianrose.me
Twitter @thatianrose
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I’m a design director at NBC News Digital Group. I take pride in designing and building clean, accessible, creative interactive media. I get pumped about CSS , HTML , typography, mobile development, responsive web design, and the idea that people use the things that I create. Before NBC News I worked in New Orleans at the design studio Thinka and before that the ad agency Zehnder Communications. I’m also the creator of Typesettings, Gridsettings and Storysettings.


NBC News, TODAY, Sony, vh1, Disney, VooDoo Music Experience, Hyatt, Visit Baton Rouge, Louisiana Charter Schools


This site is built with Metalsmith, Sass, CSS Flexbox and hosted on Netlify. Also, thanks to Brad Oyler for all his help.